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Crypto Exchange Startup Indodax Holds Short Film Competition Again

     After successfully organizing a short film competition festival last year, Indodax, an Indonesian crypto exchange startup, again held its annual event entitled Indodax Short Film Festival (ISFF). This event is the fourth time, after it was first held in 2019. As the CEO of Indodax, Oscar Darmawan is very happy that this annual Indodax event can be held again this year.

"As the organizer of the Indodax Short Film Festival 2022, we have consistently created a forum to support communities who are involved in the field of cinema, especially short films, so that they can provide their ideas and works. We are very enthusiastic to invite the short film community again so that we can enliven the Indodax Short Film Festival 2022," oscar said.

Indodax has also appointed a representative from Indodax along with three industry players in Indonesian cinema who have produced several extraordinary works to become judges of the Indodax Short Film Festival (ISFF) 2022. The three industry players are Ernest Prakasa, Mira Lesmana, and Anjas Maradita.  As one of the players in the Indonesian film industry, Ernest Prakasa is honored to be trusted to be a judge by Indodax. Ernest was thrilled to see the film maker and the new works that would be born later.

"I always spread my arms broadly to welcome the regeneration of new ideas, thoughts, and spirits in Indonesian cinema. My hope is that for filmmakers who take part in the Indodax Short Film Festival 2022, there are new ideas that can emerge, because short films are a very flexible medium. Film is storytelling, so in essence, we have to be good storytellers. And the best stories, don't need to be searched far, but often come from within oneself," ernest said.

In line with Ernest Prakasa, the producer of the film Ada Apa Dari Cinta? , Mira Lesmana felt very happy. As an industry player who has crossed paths to produce well-known films in the country, Mira Lesmana hopes that there will be many who participate in this ISFF event and dare to reveal new interesting and unique ideas.

"For film creators, when we make short films, it is very important that we can prepare a story that suits our own capacity, the abilities and resources we have. Make interesting and new stories, especially if you can be something unexpected or unpredictable. Then I also think the most important thing is to always prepare carefully before we enter the production period," explained Mira. Not only that, Mira advises short film creators to ensure that what we need is available, such as rehearsing with actors (reading), the location to be used and the sound. This is the key to the smooth running of a film production. Already experienced in the world of cinema, Mira also revealed that sometimes sound recording is one of the things that is neglected because it can rely on the editing process. In fact, recording the sound in the field makes the film interesting and important in order to feel the ambience of the film. Mira also added that film creators should not use too much music, let alone use non-stop music to fill the film.

"A film that can make the audience interested is certainly something new, unpredictable and how the audience can relate to the story or the expression of the film. Sometimes we forget that this movie needs to be watched by many people. Maybe if what is being told is only for ourselves, not relatable to others, it may not be something interesting," mira concluded.

As a panel of judges who have been repeatedly appointed by Indodax, Anjas Maradita also hopes that the Indodax Short Film Festival 2022 event will run successfully and can provide exposure and a forum for self-promotion for short film creators.

"I hope that participants, especially those who fall into the predetermined category, will get an exposure platform, so that they can be seen by the film industry according to their fields. Of course, with the existence of ISFF, the motivation to channel ideas or characteristics that are selling points in working on films can be much higher, of course, because of prizes as a supporting factor. If you are an ISFF participant who wins a certain category, use it as a medium for self-promotion for the advancement of the Indonesian film industry," explained Anjas.


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